Tipp Council approves purchase of police cruisers


TIPP CITY — A resolution authorizing the purchase of three police cruisers was passed in a 6-1 vote at Monday’s Tipp City Council meeting.

The resolution, which was amended to fix the cost listed in the legislation, was brought forth to council due to the fact that General Motors is canceling all production of police pursuit vehicles in 2022 because of anticipated supply chain issues. The resolution was separate from the ordinance, which passed 7-0 amending the 2021 operating budget to accommodate the purchase of two police vehicles, due to the halt of production of police vehicles in 2022.

Councilperson Kathryn Huffman voted against the resolution, stating that she didn’t see the need for purchasing a third vehicle now if it wouldn’t immediately be in use by the police department.

“I don’t agree with buying a third vehicle. I’m supportive of two, but I don’t think the third one is really necessary at this point,” Huffman said.

Councilperson Mike Jackson elaborated that the third vehicle would be on standby for the department in the event a cruiser was damaged or needed updating. Mayor Joseph Gibson added that the supply chain issues played a key factor in the urgency of getting a third vehicle now.

“We don’t know when another police car will become available to us. It might be 2025 before a police car can be off the rack. It’s expensive, and it’s a drag, but I think we need to be proactive with this particular item because the chief’s told us there could be limited accessibility of that,” Gibson said.

Tipp City Police Chief Greg Adkins added that the department currently has a vehicle that isn’t in use because it hasn’t received the updates needed due to supply chain issues over the last eight months.

“It’s spent eight months in the back parking lot, waiting to be up-fitted for use,” Adkins said.

Several other items were passed at Monday’s meeting, including the following:

• An ordinance directing City Manager Tim Eggleston and Law Director Jonathan Freeman to move forward with the bid documents for the sale of the property on 30 Bowman Avenue to Borchers Rentals Inc., in the amount of $65,000. The ordinance passed in a 6-1 vote with Gibson voting against the ordinance.

• An ordinance changing the 1% discount or 1% surcharge to be provided on the amounts billed versus the metered consumption of electric regulations in Tipp City.

• An ordinance authorizing Eggleston to execute the necessary documents to receive a perpetual easement of Meijer Distribution owned property.

• An ordinance amending the 2021 Annual Operating Budget to accommodate the purchase of police vehicles.

• A resolution providing Tipp City’s support for the Miami County Solid Waste Management plan.

• A resolution authorizing Eggleston to execute a four-way agreement between the cities of Piqua, Troy and Tipp City and Miami County to share the annual costs of the Hazardous Materials Coordinator Position. Tipp City is responsible for 11.8% of the total for a cost of $2,885.61.

• A resolution authorizing Eggleston to amend the Operating Agreement with Miami County General Health District.

• A resolution authorizing Eggleston to sign a contract with Vortex, Aquatic Structures International of Cornelius, North Carolina for the installation and purchase of new water features for the Tippecanoe Family Aquatic Center that will not exceed $246,190.

• A motion to not request a public hearing on the issuance of a transfer of a C2, C2X, D6 and C1, C2, and D6 liquor licenses to Speedway Holdings, LLC from MPC Investment, LLC at 1000 W. Main Street and 4 Weller Drive respectively.

The next Tipp City Council meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m.

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