Tipp officer shot at suspect in incident involving ‘toy handgun‘


TIPP CITY — A Tipp City officer fired a shot toward a female suspect, who was not injured, after the suspect reportedly pointed what was later discovered to be a toy gun painted black at the officer.

On Thursday morning at approximately 1 a.m., there was a report of a female subject who was inside a downtown bar near First and Main streets “loading a handgun.” According to a press release from the Tipp City Police Department, the caller reported the woman “was highly upset and put the handgun into her purse” and was walking toward the interstate.

Tipp City police officers responded to the area, where an officer located the suspect, who then pointed a handgun at the officer. According to the release, the officer “made several attempts to talk to the female and order her to drop the weapon.” The woman did not respond to the officer’s orders and fled to a “hiding spot” in the area of South Second Street. The officer followed the suspect, who raised the handgun at the officer again. The officer fired one round, which did not strike the suspect. The suspect then dropped the weapon.

Even though the suspect was detained without injury, she was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. A toy handgun painted black was located at the scene.

According to the release, the investigation is ongoing. The officer’s name, as well as the suspect information, have not yet been released.

Suspect was not injured; Toy gun found to be painted black

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