Tippecanoe Middle School assembly encourages support


By Jordan Green

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TIPP CITY — A morning assembly grew emotional at Tippecanoe Middle School as Terrence Talley, accompanied by the band 10 Talents, performed on Wednesday. Talley is a motivational speaker from Minnesota who travels the country encouraging students to support each other and to “never give up.” His message focuses on the mental health issues students in today’s world face and offers ways for kids to help their peers who may be struggling. Relying on anecdotes from his life and speaking events, Talley moved students to both tears and laughter, always bringing it back to why students should never give up, no matter the problems they face.

The assembly opened with music from the band and a contest between the grades on who could sing the loudest to engage and excite the kids. Talley came on to speak next. Throughout his stories, Talley demonstrated the hardships people face in silent. From high school students working to provide income to their families to kids without support at home, his words inspired them to keep going. Showing that sometimes it just takes a little help for people to open up about their struggles, “it’s up to you to be here to help someone else around you,” said Talley.

He not only encouraged students to support their peers but to seek out support themselves when they need it. Sometimes, people don’t get help because they don’t feel comfortable or safe opening up to their support systems. “The more you put a wall up around the heart, you’re not only blocking out the bad, but you’re also blocking out the good,” said Talley.

The assembly closed with hugs given from school staff to any student who wanted one. The emotion in the room was palpable and positive as Talley gave a parting message to the kids, “Don’t give up.”

“It means the world to me just to give students like me hope. I see myself in these kids and feel like I am helping a younger version of me,” said Talley after the assembly.

This was part of a series of assemblies done at Tipp City schools. While each assembly focused on different themes based on the age of the students, all incorporated the same uplifting messages. These assemblies were paid for through a grant from the Tippecanoe Educational Endowment.

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