Townships elect trustees


Staff reports

MIAMI COUNTY — Local townships voted on trustees on Tuesday, re-electing a number of incumbents in contested races.

Randy Mott and Greg Dilts were re-elected as Elizabeth Township Trustees on Tuesday. Mott received 256 votes, or 32.69% of the vote, and Dilts received 225 votes, or 28.74%, according to unofficial elections results. Other candidates included Jeremy Paulus, Kristopher Mick, and Kevin Hamlin. Paulus received 202 votes, Mick received 58, and Hamlin received 42.

In Lostcreek Township, Eric Carey and Samuel Buchman were re-elected as Lostcreek Township Trustees. Carey received 189 votes, or 41.45%, and Buchman received 163 votes, or 35.75%. The other candidate, Lauren Knoop, received 104 votes, or 22.81%.

In Newberry Township, George Furrow and Mike Maniaci were re-elected as Newberry Township Trustees. Furrow received 748 votes, or 42.19%, and Maniaci received 735 votes, or 41.46%. The other candidate, Bobby Johnson, received 290 votes, or 16.36%.

Beth Ewald van Haaren and Julie Reese were elected as Bethel Township Trustees. Van Haaren, one of the incumbents, received 516 votes, or 22.68%, and Reese received 571 votes, or 25%. Carolyn Walsh Wright, another incumbent, received 402 votes, Kama L. Dick received 436 votes, and Lorna Furderer received 350 votes.

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