Troy bowlers have big day at MVL Tournament


BEAVERCREEK — The Troy bowling teams had a big day Saturday at the MVL bowling tournament at Beaver Vu Lanes.

The boys finished as Miami Division champions, while the girls shared the Miami Division title with Butler.


The Troy boys won the MVL tournament and Bryce Massingill was the individual winner with a 676 series.

Troy was the third seed in the tournament with a 3.926 total.

In the semifinals, Troy swept Fairborn in three games.

Troy rolled 211, 246 and 165 to Fairborn’s 193, 201 and 150.

In the championship match, Troy defeated Butler in four games.

Troy won the first game 183-172 and Butler won the second game 183-162.

Troy won the third game 214-179 and the fourth game 196-194 to win the title.

Massingill rolled games of 191, 248 and 237 to take top honors.

Ethan Blanchard had games of 164, 189 and 150 and Carson Hillman had games of 211 and 200.

Tyler Stoltz rolled games of 173 and 205 and Isaac Witz had games of 171 and 168.

Tipp finished fifth with a 3,846 total.

Colin Maalouf finished second overall with games of 244, 140 and 278 for a 662 series.

Brenden Blacketer had games of 161, 203 and 233 and Dillen Swartz rolled games of 192, 187 and 162.

Brenden Lupton had games of 144, 157 and 141 and Cameron Hunt had a 157 game.

Piqua finished seventh overall with 3,771.

Brayden Soliday rolled games of 162, 172 and 165 to lead the Indians.

Ethan Snyder had games of 197, 146 and 167 and Connor Bollinger had games of 163, 169 and 170.

Dylan Jenkins rolled games of 201, 134 and 155 and Collin Snyder had games of 155, 157 and 168.


The Troy girls shared the Miami Valley Division title and Kayleigh McMullen finished second overall for the Trojans with a 624 series.

The Troy girls finished fourth with a 3,704 to advance to the semifinals.

The Trojans lost a heartbreaker in five games, after nearly winning it in four games.

Troy won the first game 233-178 and 189-188.

But, Xenia won the final three games by scores of 169-149, 193-192 and 202-171.

McMullen had games of 216, 162 and 246.

Aiyana Godwin had games of 167, 171 and 160 and Morgan Shilt rolled games of 180, 161 and 138.

Kaylee Kalmar had games of 175 and 195 and Kylie Schiml had games of 143 and 182.

Piqua finished sixth with a 2,784 total.

Katelyn Brown rolled games of 156, 186 and 171 to lead the Lady Indians.

Lauren Hicks had games of 126, 117 and 151 and Kiya Treon had games of 140, 97 and 116.

Lillian Kirk rolled games of 153 and 138, Miranda Sweetman had games of 131 and 86 and Allison Hicks rolled a 131 game.

Tippecanoe finished eighth with a 2,750 total.

Isabeall Janney rolled games of 135, 162 and 146.

Marissa Hollon had games of 154, 137 and 140 and Julian Arblaster rolled games of 131, 129 and 123.

Pressly Combs rolled games of 145 and 94, Reganne Dilbone had games of 113 and 121, Isabella Reynolds rolled a 158 game and Jocelyn Gold had a 106 game.

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