Troy bowlers top Piqua to close regular season


TROY — The Troy and Piqua bowling teams met at Troy Bowl Thursday to close out the regular season.

For Troy, it was finishing off MVL Miami Division titles and time to prepare for deep runs in the postseason.

For Piqua, it was a chance to challenge its rival and look towards the postseason for success.

Both Troy teams took care of business.

The boys, 16-2 overall and 16-1 in the MVL, defeated Piqua,-8 overall and in the MVL, 2,465-1,949.

Troy rolled games of 1,081 and 983, followed by baker games of 227 and 156.

Jordan Adams led Troy, with games of 203 and 247 for a 450 series.

Nathan Hamilton rolled games of 253 and 178 for a 431 series, while Bryce Massingill had games of 197 and 210 for a 407 series.

Brayden Ganger had games of 207 and 188 for a 395 series, Drew Snurr rolled a 221 and Adam Shiltz rolled a 160.

“It is always fun to bowl Piqua because of the rivalry,” Troy coach Doug Stone said. “I felt like we bowled pretty well. Piqua has some good, young bowlers so it might be a different story next year. But, it is always a good match.”

Stone and the Trojans go into the postseason with high expectations.

“I feel like we have been bowling pretty well all season,” he said. “It is a lot different this year with Covid. We haven’t seen a lot of the good teams from the GWOC. But, I feel like we are good enough to make it out of the sectionals. And hopefully, we can make it all the way to state.”

Dylan Jenkins led Piqua with games of 182 and 179 for a 361 series.

Zac Henne rolled games of 161 and 185 for a 346 series, while Collin Snyder had games of 167 and 165 for a 332 series.

Ethan Snyder had games of 168 and 152 for a 320 series and Ryan Fleisher added games of 128 and 133 for a 261 series.

Piqua coach Craig Miller was disappointed with his team’s performance.

“I don’t want to make excuses about being tired,” Miller said. “But, we practiced Monday, bowled Troy Tuesday and Fairborn Wednesday. This is four days in a row. We just had a tough day today.

“We had 16 opens in the first game and 20 opens in the second game. This was probably one of our worst matches of the year. I feel like we have a good chance at sectionals.”

Troy girls, 16-2 overall and 15-2 in the MVL defeated Piqua, 6-12 overall and in the MVL, 2,182-1,727.

Troy had games of 929 and 895, followed by baker games of 180 and 178.

Piqua had games of 745 and 689, followed by baker games of 160 and 133.

Kayleigh McMullen led the Troy girls with games of 234 and 185 for a 418 series.

Kaitlin Jackson rolled games of 158 and 181 for a 339 series, Morgan Shilt had games of 135 and 200 for a 335 series and Hope Shiltz had games of 179 and 151 for a 330 series.

Jami Loy rolled a 223 and Kylie Schiml added a 179.

“I think we bowled pretty good today,” Troy coach Rob Dever said. “I feel like we have been bowling pretty well. Hopefully, we can take that momentum into the postseason and it will carryover. I think we are (in a good place right now heading into sectionals).”

Katelyn Brown rolled games of 212 and 179 for a 391 series for Piqua.

Desiree Warner had games of 140 and 137 for a 277 series, while Lauren Hicks had games of 154 and 116 for a 270 series.

Kiya Treon had games of 118 and 132 for a 250 series and Haily Tyson had games of 121 and 125 for a 246 series.

Piqua coach Jason Jenkins felt like his girls turned in a good performance.

“I think we bowled pretty well,” he said. “Troy is always a tough match, but I thought we did pretty well. I think we are bowling pretty well headed into sectionals.”

Both Troy and Piqua girls teams will bowl in the D-I sectionals Wednesday at Woodman Lanes, while the Troy and Piqua boys teams will bowl in the D-I sectionals Thursday at Woodman Lanes.

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