Troy City Skatepark Unite hopes to raise money for new park


TROY — Troy City Skatepark Unite (TCSU) will be hosting a fundraiser this Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Troy Skatepark located at 99 N. Ridge Ave., No. 43.

Saturday’s “Keep Pushing” fundraising event is open to the public and runs from 1-4 p.m. It will feature an array of raffles with prizes donated by local businesses, free hamburgers and hot dogs, and two different skating competitions. TCSU is trying to raise money to build a new skatepark in Troy.

The two skating events at the fundraiser are the “Skate Jam” and the “Best Trick“ contest. With the skate jam coming first.

“We have three divisions: beginner, intermediate, and expert. We let them go out on the course anywhere from 6-12 minutes and just skate,” said Matt Williams, founder of TCSU.

Contestants will be graded by a small panel of judges not just on skill but also on expression.

“You know, a lot of times it’s not just about skill. It is about their creative approach to skating,” said Williams.

The second, and final, event of the day is the best trick contest where participants will attempt their hardest or most technical trick.

“Often times, the energy that is felt and the camaraderie between the skaters, regardless of skill level, it really inspires people to just go for it,” said Williams.

The goal of the event is to help raise money to build a new skatepark in Troy and 100% of the money will be put towards that goal.

Williams focused on two major problems as the reason TCSU wants a new park.

“I never really felt like that park is very welcoming to somebody who wasn’t a skater,” said Williams.

He notes that the park is one of the few parks in Troy without a shelter house, there are no public restrooms, and there is no seating. This causes, as he put it, parents to drop their kids off and leave.

The second problem is the park’s current state of disrepair, and Williams even notes issues with the welding that could cause injury.

“You know, this park is 25-plus years old. And it has pretty much been untouched for that entire timespan,” said Williams.

Saturday’s fundraiser is a big opportunity for the organization as they work towards becoming a non-profit entity.

“Ernst Concrete has offered to match anything up to $2,000,” said Williams.

“My heart is in skateboarding, my career is in skateboarding, and I want to be a voice for the kids,” said Williams.

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