Troy Council OKs fee increases


TROY — Members of the Troy City Council approved increases to several city fees, including fees for ambulance services, and establishing fees for CPR/first aid classes offered through the Troy Fire Department.

Fees for basic life support ambulance services will increase from $480.60 to $688.28, while fees for treatment with no transport will increase from $126.78 to $225. Mileage fees will also increase from $13.64 per loaded mile to $15 per loaded mile.

The ordinance establishes fees for the fire department’s CPR/first aid classes, which will be $25 per student for individual registrants and $50 per student if it is a corporate class.

Additionally, the ordinance also establishes a $200 fee for Downtown Riverfront Overlay reviews issued by the Development Department, and increases the fee for zoning verification letters from $25 to $50. Fees and increases in the ordinance will take effect on the legislation’s effective date.

Council members approved the fee ordinance during their regular scheduled meeting on Monday, March 6. Council approved a suspension of the usual three-reading rule to pass the ordinance, with all members except council member Samuel Pierce voting for the legislation. Council member Jeffrey Whidden was absent from Monday night’s meeting.

In other business, council members also held a public hearing for an ordinance that would amend the city zoning code to allow beekeeping on most residential properties.

“I’ve been working with Council member Whidden for several months now on this,” Troy resident Gene Bailey said. “I just ask that you move forward, and support this ordinance.”

The ordinance was held over for a third reading at council member’s next meeting.

Council members also approved an ordinance authorizing the city to accept an additional national opioid settlement agreement with Teva, Allergan, Walgreens, Walmart and CVS.

“The amount we will receive will be determined after all involved parties are known,” Council member Todd Severt said.

Council members went on to approve the city’s final acceptance of the Swank Annexation, involving 58.798 acres of land from Concord Township, and a final record plan for the Troy Storage Planned Development.

“It conforms to the approved general plan and final development plan,” Council member Jeffrey Schilling said of the Troy Storage Planned Development. “The application for this was received prior to council establishing a moratorium on new self-storage facility applications.”

Council members also recognized Assistant Chief Eric Krites of the Troy Fire Department, who retired after 30 years of service on Friday, March 3.

“I’d like to take a moment and recognize Eric Krites,” Severt said. “I’ve known Eric for over 30 years. He was an exemplary firefighter, an exemplary citizen to the county and to the city, and is a fine outstanding person and he will be well missed.”

Council member’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, March 20.

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