Troy Council to review DORA


TROY — Troy City Council will have the second reading of the city’s proposed Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area during its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at Hobart Arena’s Bravo Room.

The health and safety committee provided a positive recommendation to council. The ordinance must have a second reading by law.

Approximately 56 Ohio communities have established a DORA since 2015. The average size of a DORA district is 51 acres and 84% of all DORAs in Ohio open their DORA throughout the entire week, although Troy is only proposing the weekends.

According Troy Main Street Executive Director Andrea Keller, 29 downtown businesses are in favor of the DORA and four are not.

After the first DORA proposal failed last fall, the city of Troy reduced the size from 41 acres down to 21 acres and focused on the downtown area. The second proposal narrowed down its hours to noon to 10 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. There are no Sunday DORA sales or hours. The alcoholic beverages purchased with the official cup can be consumed outdoors within the DORA and only during official DORA hours.

For example, the city of Sidney’s DORA is located downtown and is a nine-block area, not including residential properties and a church. Sidney’s DORA is 34.4 acres in size and is primarily in the Shelby County Court square area. Sidney’s DORA hours of operation are Thursday and Friday, from 4 p.m. to midnight; Saturday, from noon to midnight; and Sunday, from noon to 10 p.m. If all legislation follows the proposed timeline, the DORA could be implemented as soon as April 15.

In a DORA, alcoholic beverages can be purchased at one location, but cannot be carried into another establishment. Non-liquor establishments may permit or prohibit DORA beverages in their stores at their own discretion. The permit must be re-certified every five years, but the city proposes it will reevaluate the DORA at the end of 2021 if accepted.

Qualified permit holders would be the former Brewery, the Elks, The Redmen Club, Haren’s Market, Mojos Bar and Grille, Agave and Rye, Leaf and Vine, The Caroline, Studio 14 Creative Arts Center, The Submarine House, Moeller Brew Barn, Basils on Market, Tokyo Peking, and the One-Stop Drive-Thru. The former site of the Little York Tavern is also included in the proposed district.

Other items on Monday’s agenda include:

R-8-2021 Bid Authorization of the Marina Building Loading Dock Support Project at a cost not to exceed $70,000. Recent work on the marina building showed deterioration of the structural steel that supports the loading dock drive to the Marina building’s garage. The project is to reinforce the steel.

R-9-2021 Bid Authorization the State Route 41 Traffic Signal Interconnect Project Phase 2 to increase its bid allocation not to exceed $375,000

R-10-2021 Accept Recommendation of Tax Incentive Review Council and its Enterprise Zone Agreements

R-11-2021 Accept Recommendation of Tax Incentive Review Council and its Troy Towne Park Tax Increment Financing program agreement

R-12-2021 Bid Authorization to seek a new farm lease agreement that is part of Duke Park North

O-13-2021 Approve 2021 Emergency Operations Plan. The 2020 plan is unchanged from the previously approved plan and modifications were required per federal and state guidelines. The new plan updated the city’s organization chart, roster of city staff for notification and updated the police department’s hazard manual.

In other news:

• The Fire Station No. 1 Construction project received 11 bids ranging from $4.3 million to $5.1 million. Council approved bids not to exceed $6.1 million. The contract was awarded to Bilbrey Construction Inc. with its best bid and alternates for $4,373,956.

• Hobart Arena staff are working with school districts on graduation plans for May using current guidelines and capacity limits.

• Justin Olivieri was promoted to the position of foreman of the Street Department on March 8.

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