Troy Foundation awards Apple grants


TROY — The Troy Foundation’s Apple Grant program has been in place since 2007 and provides grants of up to $1,000 to teachers to enhance the educational experiences of their students by providing funding for the costs associated with field trips, materials, supplies and equipment for their classrooms. Teachers from Troy City Schools, Troy Christian, St. Patrick School, Overfield Early Childhood and Miami Montessori are eligible to apply for grants, however, due to the many changes currently in effect for our schools, including teachers not being in their classrooms, The Troy Foundation has decided to award the grants differently this year.

Due to teachers not being in the classroom as well as not knowing if in-person learning will occur in the fall, the foundation determined that it may be more difficult to apply for an Apple Grant. With these factors in mind, the 2020 Apple Grants will be awarded to each building based on the number students. The $20,000 set aside for this program has been allocated as follows:

Miami Montessori — $188

Overfield Early Childhood — $428

St. Patrick School — $539

Troy City Schools:

Concord — $2,552

Cookson — $1,192

Forest — $952

Heywood — $1,059

Hook — $1,078

Kyle — $768v

Van Cleve — $1,273

Troy Junior High — $2,678

Troy High School — $4,944

Troy Christian:

K-sixth grade — $1,017

Seventh -12th grade — $1,330

Grants will be distributed to support each building in the 2020-21 school year.

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