Troy fourth-grader runs one mile everyday in 2022


TROY — Sub-zero temperatures and snowfall can’t stop Troy resident Anthony Cianciolo from running at least one mile every day.

Anthony, age 10, is currently finishing up a full year of running a mile per day in 2022, and he hasn’t missed a single day yet.

“He runs in the cold. He runs in the snow. He runs whenever he has to,” Cianciolo‘s grandmother Cyndi Cianciolo said. “It’s an amazing accomplishment. I just know his mom and dad are awfully proud of him.”

Anthony started running a mile per day in January of 2022, with plans to run at least that distance every day for one full year. He will reach that goal on Saturday, January 1.

“I wanted to stay healthy and exercise,” Anthony said.

A fourth-grade student at St. Patrick’s Elementary School in Troy, Anthony first started running with his father, Tony Cianciolo, who participates in a local running club with Anthony‘s mother.

“I run with my dad,” Anthony said. “I’m trying to get my sisters to start running.”

In addition to running one mile per day, Anthony has also already completed several running events that were primarily for adults, including 5K runs and a special run called the Gauntlet.

“I’ve run two 5Ks,” he said.

After a year of daily mile-long runs, Anthony said he is planning to continue in 2023, aiming to complete a second year without missing a day.

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