Troy High School receives College Success Award


For the Miami Valley Today

TROY — The website has given Troy High School a 2021 College Success Award for its excellence in preparing students for college and beyond.

“Our high quality staff, supportive families and outstanding student body make successes like this award possible,” Troy High School Principal Dave Dilbone said. “The Trojan Family at Troy High School continues to strive for better, and we are excited to celebrate this prestigious honor. I believe that together we can achieve great things.”

According to, award winners are determined by calculating a school-level score and applying a threshold to delineate which schools receive an award and which do not. This school-level score is comprised of three components:

• College preparation, which includes the percentage of students from a four-year cohort who graduate from high school, as well as measures of College Entrance Exam (ACT or SAT) performance.

• College enrollment, which includes school-level metrics that vary by state. Some states report this data as “Percent Enrolled In Any Postsecondary Institution Within 12 Months After Graduation,” others as “Percent Enrolled In Any Institution Of Higher Learning In The Last 0-16 Months.”

• College performance, which includes remediation and persistence metrics, which also vary in availability by state. The remediation metrics capture the percentage of students needing remediation for college either for two-year or four-year institutions. Measures of college persistence are for the percentage of students returning for a second year at both two-year and four-year institutions.

In addition to winning this year’s annual award, Troy High School has also been selected as one of only 1,770 schools across the nation to win the inaugural College Success Award-Gold, an additional, elevated level of distinction to recognize schools that have a multiyear track record of college success, as determined by available college preparation and postsecondary data.

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