Troy junior Aiyana Godwin finishes second at D-I state bowling tournament; Troy girls take 10th


COLUMBUS — Earlier in the week, Troy High School bowler Aiyana Godwin had said she would like to make the all-tournament team if they have one at the D-I girls state bowling tournament Friday at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl.

How about making the All-Ohio team and finishing second by one pin to Fairmont’s Danica Roseberry?

Godwin became the second Troy girls bowler in three years to finish second, rolling games of 190, 265 and 205 for a 660 series. Kayleigh McMullen finished second in 2021.

“Honestly, I was just thinking about the team and helping them,” Godwin said. “It does feel good to do that well.”

Troy girls bowling coach Rob Dever was not surprised.

“When we went over Thursday night for practice, Aiyana (Godwin) seemed to have a good line,” Dever said. “You know the scores aren’t going to be real high and the lanes start to break down by the third game.

The individual part of it is a nice honor to get. But, when we are bowling as a team, we are not thinking about that. We are thinking about finding a way to make the cut.”

Roseberry was just one pin better with a 661.

After Godwin’s second game of 265, she trailed Kaylie Gibson of Dover by just four pins.

Godwin passed Gibson with a 205 third game, but Roseberry — who had trailed Godwin by 45 pins, rolled a 251 to take the title by one pin.

“All I was thinking about was another high game (in the third game) would really help the team a lot,” Godwin said.

But, she couldn’t help but think about that one pin difference.

“Coach (Rob Dever) is always talking about how every pin counts,” she said. “I was mad at myself because I left a single pin in the 10th frame. And if I had picked up that spare, I would have gotten another ball (and won a state title).”

It was also a close call for the Troy girls team, who was in position to make the quarterfinals and bracket play for much of the day.

The Trojans opened with an 841 game that put them in eighth place.

Troy followed that with a 903 to move up to fifth place, before a 792 game dropped them to eighth place going into the three baker games that closed qualifying.

The Trojans rolled a 153, but Fairmont moved up to eighth place with a 216 baker game — 57 pins in front of the Trojans.

Troy rolled a 141 the second baker game to Fairmont’s 128 and 172 in the final baker game to Fairmont’s 141.

But, the Trojans came up 13 pins short of making the top eight and the quarterfinals.

“We wanted to make the cut,” Dever said. “But, if you had told me at the beginning of the year we would be 10th in the state, I would have taken it in a heartbeat.”

Kiandra Smith rolled games of 159, 181 and 183 for Troy, while Chloe Steiner had games of 160, 173 and 160.

Kristin Sedam had games of 167 and 114, Kayanna Bidle rolled a 170 and Libby Burghardt had a 129.

Dever is excited about next season.

“We have a good nucleus coming back and we are going to be getting some help from some bowlers in the eighth grade,” he said.

Godwin is also excited about next year.

“Like I said earlier this week, I got off to a rough start this year because I hadn’t touched a ball for three months before the season,” she said. “I will be working hard this summer. Our team hardly knew each other at the start of the season, so I never expected us to get to state. I think being individual champion is a good goal to have for next season. I think we have a really good chance to make it back as a team.”

Godwin said her mom Krista summed things up best.

“She said, ‘Aiyana look at all the girls that bowl and you finished second in the state’,” Godwin said. “I have come so far from my freshman season, it is amazing.”

Earning All-Ohio honors and come within one pin of a state championship.

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