Troy Planning Commission considers new subdivision


By Sam Wildow

[email protected]

TROY — On Wednesday, the Troy Planning Commission approved a preliminary plan application for a new subdivision, Liberty Meadows, to be located along Troy-Urbana Road, east of Hunters Ridge Drive.

The land is controlled by Libery Lot Sales LLC and currently undeveloped. According to Zoning Inspector Austin Eidemiller, the proposed subdivision consists entirely of single-family homes, encompasses an area of 86.275 acres, and includes 179 build-able lots that range from 0.275 acres to 0.674 acres. The subdivision will be developed over six phases. The first phase will create 31 lots, and the second phase will create 37 lots.

There will be three separate access points to the development, including the north access point off of Troy-Urbana Road and the west access points that connect to Wyatt Road and Lee Road.

The internal roadway system will consist of four cul-de-sacs, to be called Trump Court, Patriot Court, Freedom Way Court, and Constitution Court. They will stem off the main road named Libery Bell Way and a horseshoe road that connects to the existing roads of Wyatt Road and Lee Road.

The development is not proposing to provide any parkland within the subdivision and received a unanimous positive recommendation from the Park Board to pay fees-in-lieu-of parkland. Subdivision regulations would have required 3 percent, or 2.58 acres, to be parkland.

The estimated costs of the singe-family homes is between $350,000 and $450,000.

The preliminary plan is the first step in the approval process for the new subdivision. A final plat will be required to be submitted for review and approval.

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