Troy Police Department camera system goes into use


For the Miami Valley Today

TROY — The Troy Police Department has a new tool for community-oriented policing, based on a new camera system funded through city budget appropriations and the Troy Foundation. Beginning this week, all Troy officers will use body-worn cameras while on patrol and during any situation involving interaction with the public.

The existing in-cruiser cameras have also been replaced. Three in-cruiser cameras can sync with the body-worn cameras during review, providing four vantage points of each scene. Officers have undergone training on using the cameras during a “pilot period” during recent weeks.

“In the short period that we have been using the new in-car and body cameras, our officers have captured hundreds of hours of video. Everything I’ve reviewed so far demonstrates the incredible job that the men and women of the Troy Police Department complete every day,” said Troy Chief of Police Shawn McKinney.

McKinney said the video can be used to review police procedures, provide evidence in ongoing investigations, and help verify eyewitness reports.

“This investment will hopefully improve the community’s trust in police by demonstrating that in the vast majority of interactions, we are doing the right thing, for the right reasons. However, this system will also be an important tool for police supervision and administrators to review complaints or allegations of wrongdoing,” McKinney said.

The Troy City Council approved the camera project as part of the 2021 police budget, and the Troy Foundation made a generous contribution of $18,000 for the initial year of the program. The total cost of the six-year contract for the camera system, including body-worn cameras, in-cruiser cameras, docking equipment and video storage, is $217,718. The body cameras will be updated in three years.

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