Trump causes unhappiness, stress


To the Editor:

I’m dumbfounded to understand how anyone can support Trump.

All I see is a very disgusting man:

1) He’s ignorant and crass and doesn’t care for poor people, ethnic people, disabled people, people with pre-existing medical conditions, etc. No empathy.

2) He’s still a bully who likes to intimidate others. When he hires someone, they had better be loyal or he fires them and disowns them. He’s got the Republicans tied up. He gathered the Republican senators before the impeachment voting to insist on their support! What did he say to them to get them all to side with him (except Mitt Romney on the last vote)?

3) He gets by with lying and talking about Democrats like a child might to. His Republican cohorts support him along with Fox News. Ask Fortune 500 how “rich” Trump is. I’m sure Trump is making lots of personal deals with other countries for his own personal gain. Just ask Donald Jr. about that!

4) How do you like all the vacations Trump has taken on the country’s dime? He has spent a lot of time at his own place in Florida, Jersey, etc.

5) How do you like it that he hired his daughter, son-in-law, son to work for him in the White House?

6) How do you like his moral compass with other women other than his own wife?

7) Has he given us better insurance? He promised he would have a plan ready in the first day he took office in 2016!

Trump causes unhappiness, stress, and embarrassment. Other countries hate us because of his “dealings.” I do not want to go through four more years of him. He’s horrible and unthinkable! He won’t address climate change!?!

— Mary Steele


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