Trump unfit for office


To the Editor:

The American people hunger for leadership from the president of this great nation. But Mr. Trump lacks the ability to reassure us during a crisis or be truthful when we are confronted with a major health emergency such as the recent Coronavirus spreading worldwide. Instead we get continual conflicting and asinine statements from the leader of the free world. Such as, “This is nothing but a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats.” “This will soon go away, it will be like a miracle, it will be gone.” You have stated there will soon be a vaccine to address this virus and yet the CDC is advising us that a vaccine is at least a year away. Step aside and allow health experts to give us the truth about this dire emergency, since you are incapable of doing so. This crisis as well as many others that you alone have created is very worrisome to us the people and we deserve and demand the truth.

Mr. President, people are dying across the world, even in our own country from this virus. And yet your only concern is the health of the stock market and not the health and safety of our citizens. You sir, continually understate and downplay the seriousness of this deadly and major health crisis. You realize the economy is the only thing propping up this inadequate and immoral administration. Anything that erodes the confidence in the financial markets is very detrimental to you and your re-election dreams.

The American people are weary of the daily drama in Washington. We are exhausted by your actions or inaction and constantly worry about what impulsive idiotic action you will perpetrate on us or the world or what demeaning, foul, hateful words will spew from your ill-educated mind. Your constant lies, (16,000 documented lies since entering office) has resulted in the American people having zero confidence in your ability to be truthful about anything.

The Republican Party needs to stand up and muster up the courage to enact the 25th Constitutional Amendment that is available to them and remove the current despot from office before he quashes all semblance of our fair and democratic country. Short of that, it is time for the American people to rise up and vote this tyrannical autocrat out of the White House, the house of the people.

This man is an embarrassment to us and is unfit for the office he now holds.

— Chuck Petty


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