UVMC creates unit for COVID-19 patients


By Melody Vallieu

Miami Valley Today

TROY — In response to COVID-19 and the patients they have in their care, Premier Health’s UVMC has created a special unit to care for those who have tested positive for the virus.

According to Premier Health officials, a Respiratory Surge Unit has been created on the G-pod nursing unit for multiple levels of care, including high-risk respiratory patients.

Officials said they will continue to adjust the facilities as needed into the future of this uncharted situation.

“We will continue to adjust capabilities as the situation evolves. A split flow process for patient screening has been implemented at the Emergency Department entrance to help keep our patients and staff safe. Split flow provides for separation of patients exhibiting upper respiratory infection/flu-like symptoms from those who are not,” Premier Health officials said.

Precautions are being taken with staff members to ensure their safety, officials assured.

“Staff are wearing masks and other appropriate personal protective equipment according to CDC guidelines,” officials said.

Officials said they are conserving supplies, and no PPEs are at critically low levels. They also have have not received any government-funded PPE, according to officials.

At UVMC, Premier Health officials said there are still six patients who have tested presumptive positive, however condition information was not provided.

UVMC President Tom Parker assures the community that all necessary steps are being taken to protect both patients and staff.

“Our hospitals are following CDC guidelines to identify and isolate patients who might be contagious, and to prevent unnecessary exposure so that patients affected by COVID-19 will be able to get the care they need while protecting the health and safety of our staffs,” Parker said. “We have established protocols to triage patients at hospital entry points, as well as a process for safely moving patients through the facility while in isolation. Our hospital has the necessary equipment and facilities to provide not only a comfortable, healing environment for patients with COVID-19, but also for other patients.”

Parker said the UVMC staff has stepped up during this unprecedented time.

“We are blessed to have the expertise and compassion of our outstanding physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals and support staff who are on the front lines of this ongoing battle. They are truly community heroes who are putting their own challenges aside to continue to make a profound difference during this extremely difficult time.”

Public health officials deserve credit for their hard work as well, he said.

“We are extremely appreciative of the support we have received from our local and state public health officials,” Parker concluded.

Steps taken to protect patients, staff

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