Vaccine planning needs streamlined


To the Editor:

Last week a representative of the Miami County Health Department talked about how smoothly the vaccine distribution was going. Well, that might be true for giving the shots but not so much to get registered.

We were told the best time to call to get registered was 9 a.m. Thursday. So I call promptly at 9 and I get all circuits are busy and I get that for the next 30 minutes and give up. At the same time, I was also trying to get registered online with no luck – and that is the way you get registered. I should also mention that the county had Kettering’s Troy hospital listed as a vaccination site but when I call there I am told they were not giving the vaccine. The Troy Hospital is no longer listed on the health department’s vaccine site webpage.

So each week you have to call with the hope of getting in. My wife and I are in the 75-plus group and since we didn’t get registered this week we will now be in an even bigger pool since the 65-plus age group opens up next week. So next week you may not even all circuits are the busy message because the circuits will probably blow up.

I know the problem is we only get many doses of vaccine each week, but it would be nice if we just had something better than this — something that maybe tells us about where we are in line. And as the pools get larger it just becomes more chaotic and there will be some that people just say the heck with it.

I’m sure there are plenty of smart people working for and living in Miami County that could help come up with a more organized process than this. While giving the vaccine to those that get registered may be going smoothly the process of getting registered to get those vaccines seems chaotic.

— William Cox


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