Vote for the Troy School levy


To the Editor:

It is our desire as a family, to proudly support the March 17 Troy School Levy. We have been actively involved with Troy Schools for over 55 years. We have participated as employees of Troy Schools, related but not limited to coaching, teaching and mentoring. As parents of three young men 27, 30, and 35, we have seen the positive influence and support of the Troy School System throughout their education. The intention for our grown sons and their families is to return to Troy, Ohio, to ensure that their children will have the high quality education that is expected and demonstrated by Troy City Schools.

The construction of new buildings will allow our grandchildren to continue to grow and learn at a millennial’s pace. It is a new day for our community. The planful and mindful thinking offered by the leadership of Troy Schools is to be commended during this time. This era is in alignment with the continued growth and Troy spirit throughout this community. It is our understanding that we spend approximately $750,000 per year to maintain our current school buildings. Yes, our buildings are rich in history and memories. We are capable of building new memories while holding a reverence to our experience when we were Troy students a very long time ago.

A strong vote of Yes for this levy is not just about reorganizing in a positive way and offering a new route of logistical transportation … this is about receiving some level of state funding to contribute to this construction effort as well.

Unconditionally, we support Troy Schools and their upcoming levy that will enhance an infrastructure for current and future students for years to come!

— Sharon and Billy Joe Emerick


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