Vote Robin Oda for mayor


To the editor:

Conservative, Common Sense, Candidate for Mayor!

There is only one candidate in this upcoming primary that fits this bill. Robin Oda, the current mayor of Troy!

To be transparent, I have known Robin for 40 years. She married my brother. However, I can assure you I have nothing to gain by endorsing Robin. I do not get any special treatment, inside information, or kickbacks. She works hard to separate the mayoral part of her from the familial part of her.

I do not know Robin’s opposition personally. I have only heard, NOT FROM ROBIN, a few things that make me question his intentions. I know he has his sign yards in the lawns of Democrats. This alone makes me question his integrity and intentions. He has spoken lies. He is using this ‘tavern’ issue to sew discord for his personal benefit. And I question those to whom he might be beholden. I wonder if it is the Democrats who have placed his signs in their yards. Would he have locked you or your business down during COVID? How can you know? You cannot.

Thankfully, with Robin you can and do! You have observed, participated in, and lived the last 4 years during which our city did not shut down during COVID, celebrations and people lived on, downtown is thriving more than it has in years with the influx of new business. Regarding the old tavern issue, I do not know if Robin had the power to stop the tear down. Regardless, Robin supports a property owner’s right to ownership! If we elect a mayor who can take our property rights from us, we are in deep trouble!

Robin loves our city and will always work for our ‘best interests’ not hers! We may not agree with every decision made by the mayor, city council, our pastors, or friends, but is not that life. We must look at the whole. Determine what is good, right, and best. When it comes to who Troy’s next mayor should be there is only one true conservative, common sense candidate in it for the right reasons! For YOU, ME, our FAMILIES! Robin will stand and fight for the rights given to us by God and our constitution! As I see it If you care about our future, you will vote Robin Oda for Mayor.

Kim Oda


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