Vote Yes for Troy City Schools


To the Editor:

Twelve years ago, I was hired as an English teacher at Troy High School. “Welcome to Heaven” my mentor teacher, J. Christopher Davis, said to me after my first curriculum meeting with him.

Truer words have never been spoken. As a young teacher, I stood in awe of not only the teaching prowess of my colleagues, but also the strength of the community support behind this district. Heaven, indeed.

I love Troy City Schools, and the families our district serves. My husband understands this love, as his father taught for Troy City Schools for 30 years as a fifth-grade teacher at Concord Elementary. Troy City Schools has a history of excellence and devotion spanning decades.

A large portion of this success is due to our town’s outstanding ability to adapt to the times. There is always appropriate consideration given to the preservation of our history, and an emphasis on the traditions that have made Troy great. This history will not be compromised with the construction of new buildings as outlined in the current bond issue. This proposal, which focuses on buildings that maintain the appeal of neighborhood schools while creating spaces that are safer for our students and more efficient for our district, is our strongest option. The plan allows Troy and TCS to preserve our greatness as we move forward to address the needs of 21st century learning.

Let’s maintain our own little slice of Heaven. Join us in voting Yes for Troy City Schools on March 17.

— Megan and Kyle Moore


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