Voters have opportunity to support street levy


To the Editor,

With winter nearing its end, the up and down temperatures have done a number on our streets! Now, the voters of Piqua have an opportunity to fix that problem, where the need most arises, by voting Yes on the street levy issue.

By voting Yes for the Street Levy Renewal, the city will have the critical funds for keeping our streets and roadways safe. We have learned that this tax levy is only on earned income, and does not tax Social Security benefits, pensions, military pay, unemployment compensation, alimony, capital gains, tangible income, dividends, or interest income.

We have lived in Piqua for over 60 years and we are proud of the improvements being made to the downtown and in our residential neighborhoods. Safe and smooth streets are just as important to attracting new residents and keeping our current citizens happy.

Remember to vote Yes to continue improving Piqua’s streets

— Paul and Rosemary Gutmann


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