Well Worn Clothing Co. offers ‘Wine with DeWine’ shirt


COVINGTON — Covington resident Brent Welborn, along with his wife Amy, recently created a t-shirt design inspired by the popular song “Margaritaville,” by Jimmy Buffet, as a lighthearted way to show solidarity in the era of coronavirus. The couple own and operate an online apparel store called Well Worn Clothing Company.

The design on the back of the shirt features an image of Gov. Mike DeWine on a TV screen beside a cardinal with a wine glass, set atop a backdrop of the state of Ohio. The words “Wine with DeWine” are above the image, with “It’s 2’oclock somewhere,” written below. On the front, a small image of Ohio is set in the top corner, with “Coronaville 2020” transcribed over top.

The design is a salute to DeWine’s daily COVID-19 press briefings, which have been considered, in jest, as a sort of “happy hour” for those who are viewing from home each day in light of the stay-at-home order. The saying “Wine with DeWine” has become popular on social media throughout the state.

“It was actually a request from one of our customers who asked if we were going to do anything like that and if we were they wanted to buy one, so we just kind of followed it,” Welborn said. “My wife especially has always been a big Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville fan, so the ‘It’s 2 o’clock somewhere’ kind of stuck with us and we’ve bought a lot of Margaritaville shirts, so that was the inspiration for the design.”

The shirts, available online at www.wellworn.clothing/ohio, are $24 each.

Brent, a graphic designer, and Amy, a birthing doula, created the company four years ago as a side business.

“We have a small shop behind our home that I work out of,” Welborn said. “We started in 2016 with about $500 and it has just grown from there.”

Welborn said the business specializes in custom apparel and produces a lot of custom orders.

“We’re not like a traditional screen printer; we’re direct-to-garment, so as orders come in, we print the shirts,” Welborn said. “We can do single shirts, we do small runs for families for birthdays or family reunions, and can do up to 100 shirts for events and organizations or things like that.”

Welborn said he utilizes a type of “large ink jet printer,” which prints directly on shirts, eliminating some of the prep work. This, along with his background being in graphic design, allows him to design a shirt and have a finished t-shirt within minutes.

The business can either mail finished products to customers or offer local pick-up in Covington.

Welborn said, thankfully, the coronavirus pandemic has not affected the business too negatively.

“For the most part, things are normal,” he said. “We’ve seen a little bit of a shift to more online orders rather than custom orders for local organizations just because so many events and things have been canceled, but as far as the amount of orders coming in, it’s been fairly consistent.”

Well Worn Clothing Co. can also be found on Facebook.


By Aimee Hancock

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