Will Donald Trump be the president in 2020?


By Grant Gariety

According to Trump’s 2020 speech, in a Montoursville, Pennsylvania Rally, he said “So, do we want, keep America great or make America great again? We’ll go keep America great first. Ready? So, keep America great or make America first. Keep America great.” Is Donald Trump actually making America great? Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. Trump is very smart, in some cases. Trump is a leader, winner, stubborn in a good way, patriotic, doesn’t take negation, for an answer, not an average Republican. He also has a lot of negative cockiness, stuck up, rude, and the list goes on. Donald Trump is one of the most controversial guys around, based on that fact that people like or dislike him. Donald Trump will get reelected, based on who’s voting for him, time in office, and how he will deal with the Covid-19.

• Love or Hate

Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and nobody can change that. After a long impeachment process, harsh media, and really everything else opposing him, he is still the president. Out of all the presidents, Trump has received the most hate out of any president, and worst of all he definitely isn’t the worst one. Now, this has nothing to do with him being a Republican or a Democrat. Everyone has their own opinions, but come on America. He has definitely done more good, than bad. Liberals hate him, because he’s not a Democrat. People think he is racist, towards Mexicans, and keeping illegal immigrants out, and how he is not doing, as much for minorities as Barack Obama. He has his views that impact many organizations, such as the LGBTQ. Americans dislike Trump for his attitude, political views, everyone else hates him, does not do what he says he does, his past, and overall being a billionaire, and a political figure. For the people who like him are usually Republicans. For people who love Trump, he is a winner, for the people, worker, patriotic, and is what the American people are looking for. There is also the in between people, but that is a small margin of the population.

The 202 election is right around the corner. Trump does not ever get butt hurt, and facing against either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, will not be a problem. Some Democrats are ashamed to be Democrats. Especially at the decline they are, so that will be the factor on if it gets in. Over half of the U.S. population is minorities, other being white. So that being said, he still confused the last election. Especially after being a so-called racist. Overall, it all comes down to votes in the primary, and will have to see how he finishes out his first term, leading into the 2020 election.

• Time in office

Trump started his presidency on January 20th, 2017. According to Benard, in his “Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months, ‘relentless’ promise-keeping”, explains that one of his“promises” was to build a wall, and it is getting built. Trump’s desire for this wall

is not to keep people out, but it is to simply protect the American people from potential harm, and protect our society from violence and the import of new harmful drugs. This could also be seen as a negative because Trump is now being targeted as a racist which led to a government shutdown for 35 days.

President Trump has had some of the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history. He has helped many families, small businesses and family farms economically through exemptions and tax cuts. Throughout Trump’s time in office, foreign policy has been one of his strong suits. To start off with, he moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Trump also makes sure that our defense is well funded and that our troops are well supported. Under Trump’s time in office, he enabled the largest military pay raise in over a decade.

Late 2019, early 2020, Trump went through an impeachment process. The Democrats impeached him for obstruction of congress and abuse of power. The Republican senate acquitted the president and Trump is still in office. The investigation started because Trump requested that Ukraine provide insider information about Joe Biden and his son. (Bedard) According to donaldjtrump.com, “TRUMP CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF ‘ARMY FOR TRUMP’ WEBSITE AHEAD OF THE 2020 ELECTION”, explains that Trump has started his campaign, and that Trump has launched a group to mobilize Americans to reelect Trump. (donaldjtrump.com) That is the majority of things done, but he also does smaller things. Based upon his success in his first term, there really is not anyone else that could be a president, and get this much done.

• Covid-19

The CoronaVirus, also known as Covid-19, has made the world shutdown, into a global pandemic. The virus has shut down schools, jobs, and has put many Americans into a tied spot. According to Erik Lutz 2020, “Even Trump’s Allies Aren’t Sure About His “Beautiful” Coronavirus Timeline”, explains that President Trump is going to have everyone back to work by Easter. The cases have been doubling, and so have the death rates. Trump has spent months putting down the threat. In recent weeks he suggested that the efforts of containing it, have been more harmful to the virus itself. Trump wants the American to pack the churches on Easter. It is not like America to close down. Many laws have been in regulation, and many organizations, including the government are helping out each other. America is built on working and helping out each other. The president has not done anything too far yet, but to implement Martial Law, and completely shut down everything, would destroy the world. He has America in his hands, and hopefully the turnout is soon, for this crying America for help. For how Trump handles this virus, will be the fate, if the 45th president, will stay in office, especially with the 2020 elections.

• Who is to blame for the outbreak

Many people blame China, and many people Blame Donald Trump. Who is the real culprit, for the many deaths, brought by Covid-19? Back in January, a deal was signed between China and the United States. The deal was that if a Pandemic was to happen, that China did not need to buy United States goods. Around a month later, the first case of the Corona Virus hit. This was an illegal act, because China knew about the virus. The Virus was unreported in all news outlets. The United States government knew about the virus, and under played it, as a flu. The whole world has been under prepared, and all of us, should have been prepared for the worst. Many people would be alive today, if these people would have told the public what was going on, and this could have been handled a lot better. The people to blame are China, U.S. government, Newsreporters, and the World Health Organization. Donald Trump is put into a tight situation, and it is on him to fix this mess.

• Conclusion

The 2020 election is right around the corner, and it would be surprising if Donald Trump does not get in. It will all be on the fact of how he touches the people in America, Finishing out his first term, and how he deals with the CoronaVirus, being a huge scare. He will get in if he gets the job done. He will not get in if he does not get the virus under control. Overall Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020.

— Grant Gariety is a Troy High School graduate and Edison State Community College student.

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