Winter weather increases risk for slips and falls


SPRINGFIELD — Mercy Health-Springfield is urging you to be extra cautious as the weather brings freezing temperatures to the area.

“When the winter months hit, many people begin to prepare their homes and adjust their everyday lives, but they often forget – or don’t know – about the impact winter weather can have on one’s health”, said Dr. Joe Morman, Chief Clinical Officer for Mercy Health-Springfield in a press release.

Winter injuries are more common than you might think and winterizing the area around you can help prevent such injures. Mercy Health – Springfield has put together a list of tips to help you avoid slipping and falling this winter.

Slips and Falls

• Walk with caution and wear shoes with tough traction.

• Make sure steps and handrails are secure and add additional handrails if needed.

• Have a supply of rock salt or sand on hand to prevent ice forming and provide better grip.

• Keep adequate outdoor lighting and have extra on hand for potential outages.

• If possible, make space to keep your car in the garage to avoid those early mornings in the cold.

• Stay inside as much as possible.

Preparing early can help you stay safe and avoid any potential injuries the cold weather may bring. But, if something does happen, Mercy Health is just an appointment away from helping you get better. Learn more about Mercy Health and the services we provide at

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