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To the Editor:

Tipp City Concerned Citizens is calling for the resignations of two school board members. Their reasoning is these two individuals voted no on open enrollment without explanation, untimely contracts with administrators, too many board meetings and not enough time for citizen comments.

Open enrollment has been discussed at length many times over the last two years in many meetings. The timing of the contracts with the administrators was voted on and discussed last year as well with all board members present and voting. This group needs to look back at all the previous board meetings, at least the few years that are on Board Docs, and they will see where school personnel were changing all the time. Almost every meeting there were hires, reassignments, resignations and retirements.

The next complaint from the group was too many meetings. This again was discussed by all the board members at the reorganizational meeting in January where meetings and other assignments were chosen. They all agreed on the board and workshop meetings. Executive sessions come up when the need arises.

They also complained that each board member was costing the taxpayer $125 a meeting. This seems like scraps when they are continually researching information for the school, trying to stay updated on all the laws, attending all the other assignments they have and now the COVID requirements. They do more than just show up at the board meeting prepared on the information once a month — or at least most of them do.

This board has been more transparent than any other in Tipp Schools’ history. Mrs. Zakkhor made it one of her pledges when running for the school board the need for transparency after the building levy lies that were told. Mrs. Dunaway has pushed for more transparency and for two sections of citizen comments on the schedule and a spot for the teachers union to comment, which the Union has rarely used. During COVID restrictions, they allowed citizens to send in their comments to be read.

I hope these two board members do not step down. They have done nothing wrong but stand up for the kids and the taxpayers.

— Kathy Bone

Tipp City

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