You play a part


By Kathy Henne

Contibuting columnist

You’ve listed your home for sale. You analyzed recent sale prices and terms, and priced your home accordingly. You’re ready to watch your Realtor begin marketing and selling your home. There’s nothing left for you to do, right? Not true!

While you agent’s marketing activities are critical to the sale of your home, you also bear some heavy responsibilities. Sitting back waiting for your buyer is not one of them.

Two responsibilities should be taken very seriously. First, be sure you have priced your home with the market, not ahead of the market. Pricing with the market means that the asking price should reflect what buyers are currently paying for similar homes. Pricing ahead of the market means asking a price that buyers might pay 12 or even 18 months from now. This may work in California, but it doesn’t work in our local real estate market. Pricing ahead of the market results in buyers passing up your property for other similar homes that are more reasonably priced. It allows your home to become stale on the market and potential buyers begin to wonder what’s wrong with your home since no one seems to want it.

Your second responsibility is to offer your home in mint condition. Complete those needed repairs that you’ve been putting off. After you’ve made the repairs, be certain your home retains that model home appearance to make the best possible impression on your potential buyers. Cluttered countertops, dirty dishes in the sink and unmade beds do not inspire buyers to choose your home.

You can influence the sale of your home in two areas – your price and condition.

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