2023 marked end of an era for Newton Local Schools


PLEASANT HILL — As the 2022-2023 school year ended, it marked the end of an era for Newton Local Schools. After a remarkable career, our Superintendent, Mr. Pat McBride is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

Under the leadership of the new Superintendent, Danielle Davis, who has been in the district for 24 years, the district is implementing initiatives and building upon key partnerships to empower students to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). With the administrative vacancy left when Davis moved from K-12 Principal to the Superintendent role, the Elementary is now being led by Laurie Grube and the High School by Gavin Spitler, said a report submitted by Davis.

Her report continues:

One of the most exciting initiatives is collaborating with the Upper Valley Career Center to form our new technology curriculum. This partnership, being run by newly hired teacher Michael Cantrell, will provide cutting-edge technology programs for our junior high and high school students, including multi-media design, coding, robotics, and video game design. These real-world experiences will spark students’ interest in STEM and equip them with essential skills for tomorrow’s workforce.

Further supporting our STEM focus is introducing a new Quantitative Reasoning Math course at the high school taught by Taylor Stevens. This innovative program goes beyond traditional algebra and geometry, delving into real-world data analysis and statistical reasoning applications. Students will use hands-on activities to learn to interpret complex data sets, formulate hypotheses, and solve problems using cutting-edge technology.

Knowing that STEM instruction should begin in the early years, Newton has also welcomed a dedicated Gifted, and Talented coordinator, Natisha Wilson, to the district, focusing on the elementary grade levels. Natisha ensures that our youngest learners are exposed to engaging STEM activities designed to nurture their curiosity and develop a love for exploration.

Our partnership with the Upper Valley Career Center, the addition of a dedicated Gifted coordinator, and the new Quantitative Reasoning course are just the beginning. We are committed to providing our students the tools and opportunities they need to thrive in a technology-driven world. This is not just about preparing students for college and careers; it’s about equipping them with the confidence and skills to become the problem-solvers and leaders of the future. The energy right now at Newton is extremely positive. Teachers and students are enthusiastically embracing the new initiatives

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