A Reflection on this Primary Election


To the editor:

After the Tuesday, May 2, Primary Election, I’ve had many thoughts and emotions. Most of all, I am proud of William Lutz and his run for Mayor. He saw a need, he put in the work, and he never allowed himself to be dragged down into the cesspool. He would have been an amazing mayor for Troy, and I hope this won’t be his last effort. Troy deserves Bill, Troy needs Bill.

And I’m incredibly sad. I’m sad about the low turnout. Too many people are allowing a few to decide what happens in this town. We all need to be engaged and involved, and we MUST use our right to vote.

I’m sad that ethics, vision, education, and experience were not enough to overcome the division, dishonesty, and tribalism that we have seen for the past 4 years.

I’m sad that this town that I love dearly is going to have another four years of damage. Whoever runs in 4 years is going to have a bigger mountain to climb.

But most of all, I’m sad that so many of our citizens are ok with the games being played. I’m sad that we endorsed a continuation of the lowbrow politics. I’m sad that we did not seize the opportunity to make Troy the best place to live, for ALL residents.

So now, I challenge you. I have been told for years that it does not matter what you do, if you aren’t a part of the club, no one cares. No more excuses, no more letting things just happen. Bill lost by 39 votes. Change is coming, be a part of it.

SHOW UP at city council meetings. Talk to your councilperson. Demand your council person have quarterly open meetings with residents, like what the 3 councilmen-at-large have done for the past few years. Educate yourself on issues and speak!

We will have a new City Council President come January in William Rozell. We will also have a new council person with Susan Westfall. We have had a few new folks in recent years. I have high hopes for these folks. We need to encourage them to listen to their residents and vote accordingly.

We need to care, we need to show up, and we need to do our part to keep Troy the town we love.

I’ll see you at the next city council meeting.

Aimee Shannon


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