A Thanksgiving Day greeting


To the editor:

Well residents of Pleasant Hill, Halloween has passed, and Thanksgiving is just over the horizon. On this special day of giving it is my sincere hope that all will have a joyous and blessed day. and each and everyone, took the time to thank our Lord and Savior for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us. Remember to as we awaken from our nightly rest, and the Lord turns the dark of night into the light of day, it is a gift. Use each gifted day according to his plan and purpose for each of our lives instilled in us since inception.

Fellow citizens it is the season of giving, give a lasting gift to a family in need. In today’s fruitful world there are still those in need. and it is our duty to our Holy Spirit to give a helping hand, and the Lord will be grateful to those that have not. Please make it your duty to give to those in need and the Lord will be grateful to you and yours, and that gift you give this Thanksgiving Day will keep on giving, and those in need may just sit down to a nourishing sustenance meal we provided for them.

May the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, of our Creator be with us all as we end 2023 and begin a new year of our Lord giving daily thanks for his presence in each of our lives.

Sincerely yours in faith,

Mark Bradly, Veteran, USAF


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