A Veterans Day awakening


To the editor:

My veteran friends, another year has passed fulfilling our life’s needs. Our summer has given way to a bountiful harvest, falling leaves and cooling temperatures, we realize fall is here. In October our store shelves were lined with Christmas gift offerings and Halloween has come and gone. It seems far to soon but Thanksgiving Day is near when families gather around their dining tables and give thanks for the blessings Father God has bestowed upon them.

I am a Vietnam Era veteran. I ask our advertising media why one of the most important national holidays is passed over, barely mentioned. Veterans Day is November 11, 2023. Its origin dates back to 1919, and its prime purpose is to honor those men and women who have served our great country in the Armed Services who made it back home after their war service that are, in fact, responsible for our living in a free country, this very day, the USA.

When you encounter a Veteran on November 11th, please take the time to recite these five words are Veterans cherish and appreciate: Thank you for your service.

Yours in faith to those who served,

Mark Bradley, Veteran USAF

Pleasant Hill

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