Animal shelter gives update on dogs removed from Troy home


By Haylee Pence

[email protected]

TROY – Miami County Animal Shelter Director Robert Craft presented information regarding the removal of 32 dogs from a home on South Union Street during the Miami County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, April 11.

The dogs’ owners, Marie Davis and Charles Farmer, brought two dogs to the animal shelter claiming the dogs had been found. Shelter staff noticed behaviors from the dogs that indicated the individuals could be the owners of the dogs.

The next day, one of the animal control officers spoke with neighbors who identified the dogs belonging to Davis and Farmer. The officer then knocked on the door to the residence and could allegedly smell a strong odor coming from inside, according to Craft.

The officer left a blue card on the residence and contacted the landlord. The blue card was to inform the residents to contact the shelter, which was not done, according to Craft. The landlord posted a notice giving them 24 hours to inspect the property on April 3.

Animal control officers and the landlord returned to the property on April 3 to inspect. The landlord, animal control officers, and a worker with the Miami County Public Health Department inspected the condition of the residence.

“There were no people or dogs in the residence on that date. However, the home was in really deplorable conditions. There was a lot of dog feces and urine throughout the house,” said Craft.

Craft continued saying the owners had taken all 32 dogs and had left for the day knowing the inspection was happening.

Upon the return of the owners and dogs, animal control officers submitted a search warrant request which was approved that day.

The zoning inspector informed Davis and Farmer the zoning regulations involving the limitations on the number of dogs in a residential area, which is three dogs.

The health inspector notified the residents the building was being condemned. Twenty-seven of the 32 dogs were signed over to the shelter while the other five were seized by the shelter, since Davis and Farmer refused to sign them over. According to Craft, a hearing will be held regarding the five dogs at a later date.

Craft said some of the dogs had open wounds, fleas, and more. Local veterinarian offices evaluated the animals and will be performing spay and neutering surgeries throughout the week.

A total of 34 dogs had been in the home, including the two Davis and Farmer brought to the shelter. The total number of dogs also included seven puppies that were a few weeks old.

Davis, 52, and Farmer, 48, were each charged with eight counts of prohibitions concerning companion animals – commit act of cruelty through Miami County Municipal Court.

Currently, 14 of the dogs are being fostered while the other remain in the shelter. Craft is hopeful the adoption process will begin soon on the dogs.

In other business, County Commissioners authorized an amendment to the contract for inmate food services for the Miami County Jail and Incarceration Facility due to an increase in meal prices which is not to exceed an increase of 3.5%.

Commissioners also approved the contract for services with Strand Associates for a sewer study on the Brandt Sanitary Sewer System at a cost not to exceed $36,500.

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