Vote Oda for Troy mayor


Letter to editor:

Troy,has an election on May 2, there is not a lot on Ballot however it is a very important election.. There is an election for the Troy Mayor. Robin Oda is our current mayor and one of the candiates. Robin’s term started with the covid and a tornado in the city. Masks and all the items that went with covid,so she has not had a normal term. Now that we have (I think) reached a new normal it is time to give her another term and another opportunity for a more normal term.. Being the first woman in this position is not easy, I know for I worked as commissioner for twelve years in a male dominated position. Her opposition has also been in politics for several years and will have the opportunity to run again later.

Please join me in voting for Robin Oda and giving her the opportunity to serve the people of Troy as Mayor for another four years. Please Vote.

D. Ann Baird


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