Cast your ballot for William Lutz for mayor


Letter to the editor:

As we know from history, the Republican primary effectively elects Troy’s mayor and makes the later general election a formality. It’s time for all voters who care about how the City of Troy is run to request a Republican ballot and cast a vote.

Bill Lutz is the most qualified and well-suited candidate for the role of mayor that I know after having lived in the community myself for over thirty years. A visit to his campaign website provides a fuller accounting of his background and qualifications, but here’s an abbreviated profile of what I value about him:

• Personal history: Bill was born and raised in Troy, has lived here his whole life, and is raising his family here. He loves this community and really cares about its residents.

• Academic preparation: Bill has two college degrees, both relevant to the role of a city’s leader. His bachelor’s degree is in urban affairs and his master’s is in public administration. He holds additional relevant certifications, as well.

• Professional experience: Prior to his current role as nonprofit director, Bill has worked as a city development director and a township administrator. He has been a municipal employee and knows how people within city governments should operate..

• Servant leadership: Bill’s record of service to others is too long to list, but of most recent significance, he has served on Troy City Council (including as its president). And he is currently the Executive Director of The New Path, a Miami County nonprofit that provides important support to our neighbors in need.

• Temperament and integrity: As a person, Bill is thoughtful, articulate, and rational. As a leader and communicator, he values transparency, truth, accuracy, and clarity. His conservatism is a matter of responsible convictions and not about the tribalism of today’s political landscape.

In a nutshell, he is tailor made for the job. We are lucky to have someone with all that he brings to the table even interested in running for election in today’s political climate. Because we have an opportunity to install such a quality person to office, I’m reaching out to every Troy voter to ask you to cast your ballot for William Lutz on or before May 2. Let’s make this difference here at home where we can.

With hope for a bright future,

Carri Walters


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