Arbor Day tree planted at Treasure Island in honor of Mike and Ginny Beamish


By Jordan Green

[email protected]

TROY — In celebration of Arbor Day, the Troy Beautification Committee planted a tree at Treasure Island on Friday, April 29.

The tree was planted in honor of long-time Troy residents Mike and Ginny Beamish. Mike served as the mayor of Troy for 16 years between 2004 and 2019, and his wife, Ginny, was a longtime educator in the Troy area and a former Board of Education member.

“When we first came to Troy, a lifetime ago, we immediately loved Troy,” said Mike.

The couple chose to have the tree planted at Treasure Island due to it being a favorite spot of their children when they were growing up.

For their tree, the pair chose a Japanese Zelkova.

“We love the connection between us and Japan. The sister city bond is strong, and we’ve chosen this tree to honor that,” said Ginny in reference to Troy’s sister city of Takahashi, Japan.

The Zelkova will grow to be 60-70 feet high, and the canopy will stretch 50-55 feet in width. Providing ample shade for the park.

After speeches were given, students from Troy elementary schools took turns speaking. The students had researched facts about trees to present at the tree planting.

In return, Mike and Ginny donated a book about trees to each of the school libraries.

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