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By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you will probably encounter “the inspection.” This needn’t strike fear into the hearts of sellers, and it shouldn’t encourage buyers to look for minor issues.

Disclosure and awareness are very important, and a recent survey of the National Association of Home Inspectors sheds some light on the most prevalent problems that they encounter. Of course, sellers may want to have their homes inspected right after listing their homes. If the seller has not had the home inspected, then the buyer will need to have it taken care of as soon as they have an accepted contract.

One of the most common problems the inspectors find is improper drainage around the house. Unsuitable grading can lead to water penetration and even problems with the foundation. Another problem involves — big surprise — roofing. This can include worn or missing shingles and improper flashing around the chimney.

The survey results also point to a couple of interior problems. In older homes, particular attention should be paid to the electrical system, which might have inadequate overload protection or insufficient power. Buyers are requesting the seller upgrade old fuse type electrical boxes to upgraded circuit breakers because many insurance companies are refusing to insure homes that have the old fuse type electrical boxes. Problems with the heating and air conditioning systems were also at the top of the home inspectors’ list.

Keep in mind that most homes will not have major problems, but a home inspection is always a good idea. Ask your agent for some reputable home inspectors.

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