Bowling Roundup


CENTERVILLE — The Piqua boys bowling team finished 17th at the Boro Roll-Off and Newton finished 21st.


Jayden Miller led Piqua with games of 122-182-200, while Austyn Potter had games of 161-130-171.

Dylan Jenkins rolled games of 137-160-138 and Daulton Funderburg had games of 124-129-170.

Logan Commoli rolled a 131 game and Chase Wright added a 122 game.

Piqua had baker games of 173, 130, 170 and 161.


Trevor Jess led Newton with games of 124-127-121 and Liam Woods had games of 128-114-119.

Zurich Bess had games of 156 and 131 and Brandon Laughman rolled games of 129 and 111.

Seth Eaton had games of 121and 103 and Ryan Woods had games of 107 and 111.

Newton had baker games of 113, 130, 112 and 102.


The Piqua girls finished 14th at the Boro Roll-Off and Newton finished 18th.


Miranda Sweetman had games of 162-154-176 and Allison Hick had games of 97-169-147.

Adriana Emery rolled games of 131-143-103 and Kaylee Eleyet had games of 100-106-131.

Audrianna Kendall had games of 112 and 115 and Macy Hall added a 84 game.

Piqua had baker games of 97, 151, 163 and 118.


Breanna McClish had games of 141-115-115 and Peyton Schutz rolled games of 131-117-103.

Gabby Schmackers had games of 101-98-102 and Vivien Clark rolled games of 108-85-80.

Marissa Nance added games of 70-76-77.

Newton had baker games of 102, 139, 150 and 97.

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