Bowman-Landes celebrates Thanksgiving holiday


NEW CARLISLE — Bowman Landes Turkey Farm is wrapping up another successful Thanksgiving, and gearing up for a busy Christmas holiday season.

“It’s been another good year,” co-owner Drew Bowman said. “People are once again wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. We’re seeing more people order larger turkeys again; that’s a sign of more people getting together.”

“In 2020, people really shifted to smaller-sized turkeys because people were having smaller gatherings,” Bowman said. “We have noticed that’s kind of back to more traditional sizes, where people are ordering larger turkeys for their larger gatherings.”

The farm raised approximately 75,000 turkeys for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season. Bowman Landes Turkeys are available at several different local stores including Kroger, Haren’s Market in Troy and Sunset Meat Market in Piqua.

“We have stores all over the Dayton area,” Bowman said. “We sell a lot of fresh turkeys right out of our farm retail store.“

Located at 6490 E. Ross Road, Bowman-Landes specializes in free range and non-GMO turkeys.

“That’s kind of unique,” Bowman said. “Most turkeys are raised in an indoor barn environment.”

“Turkeys come to us the evening that they hatch, and they live their entire life on our farm until market age,” he said. “We’re able to harvest and package and do all the processing right here on our farm.”

Bowman-Landes turkeys are also raised without antibiotics, and fed a vegetarian diet with no animal by-products.

Bowman-Landes is a Century Farm, and has been producing turkeys for sale since the 1948.

“It was started by my grandfather Kenneth Bowman and his counterpart Dennis Landes,” Bowman said. “They started raising turkeys together in the 1940s.”

“We’re fortunate that both families are still involved today,” he said. “We have second, third and fourth generation family members involved in the business, and we hope to keep it going.”

In addition to turkey, the farm also offers a popular meat shop and deli stocked with turkey deli products, Amish cheeses and a wide variety of other locally-produced items. “We have a meat shop and deli that’s open year-round,” Bowman said.

“We feature a lot of our own products,” he said. “We also offer premium chicken, beef and pork products, and then a bunch of different farm market items. We try to carry local items and feature local vendors where we can.”

The meat shop and deli is open six days a week, with special hours planned during the Christmas holiday season. More information can be found online at

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