City issues West Main Street progress report


TROY — Phase 2 of the West Main Street project is underway with contractor Milcon Concrete, Inc.

This project will include:

Widening State Route 41 (West Main Street) from I-75 to Ridge Avenue

Reconstructing the sidewalk and curb lawn

Replacing water main and storm sewer piping

Improving the Dorset Road signal and lighting throughout the project

Please be advised that traffic patterns will change periodically throughout the project; currently, a new pattern is being established.

Camera crews have been videoing sanitary lines to ensure our sub-surface infrastructure is working properly. Beginning on Monday, Feb. 5, crews will be working on water lines on the West end of the project along West Main Street between Covent Road/ North Weston Road and Dorset Road intersection. Soon, utility companies will also be on-site to remove fiber lines on wooden poles on the north side of the project between Dorset Road and Ridge Avenue. Those fiber lines will be placed into the duct bank system installed last year, and the wooden poles will be removed.

Construction can be a headache for drivers and residents, but please understand that the crew is working to complete the project as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. The final look of West Main Street will be similar to West Main Street east of Ridge Avenue. Please be cautious while driving through the construction zone and to abide by cones/barrels, new traffic paint markings, signs, arrow boards, signals, and speed limits.

For more information, please visit, or contact [email protected].

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