City of Piqua celebrates Arbor Day


By Haylee Pence

[email protected]

PIQUA — The city of Piqua recognized Arbor Day with their annual celebration on Friday, May 5.

The event was held at the Garden Tribe, Schoolyard Garden near the Piqua Central Intermediate School on Nicklin Avenue. Fourth graders from the school came to celebrate and hear the importance of trees to our communities and the environment.

The celebration was also in honor of the city of Piqua being designated a Tree City USA for the 28th year.

Mayor Cindy Pearson addressed the audience by reading the Arbor Day proclamation for Piqua. The proclamation stated the importance of trees, which includes decreasing erosion, lowering heating and cooling costs, cleaning the air, producing oxygen and providing a habitat for wildlife.

“Trees, wherever they are planted, are a source of joy and spiritual renewal,” said Pearson when, reciting the proclamation.

She went on to say, “I urge all citizens to celebrate Arbor Day and to support efforts to protect our trees and our rivers. Further, I urge all citizens to plant and care for trees, to gladden the heart and promote the well-being of this and all future generations.”

Each student present received a sapling, donated by Tree Care Inc., with instructions on planting and caring for the tree in hopes they would take the sapling home to plant.

Mark Caldwell, a certified arborist with Tree Care Inc., addressed the students next. Caldwell talked briefly on the history of Arbor Day and the impact that trees have on their environment.

Then, he discussed how trees share resources between themselves and other plants in their ecosystem.

“One of the things we are learning is that trees do an awful lot of sharing. Trees have a way of actually providing nutrients for the little ones in their forest. Then, we found that some of these little trees outgrow the bigger ones and return the favor,” Caldwell said.

He continued to discuss the symbiotic nature of trees.

“Even the small act of planting a tree will make you good citizens of your city and your country because you also planted for those who will come after you,” said Caldwell.

Following the ceremony, students each received the oak sapling and had an opportunity to help plant a tree in the Schoolyard Garden. Every student that was interested could use shovels to fill in the dirt surrounding the tree.

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