City of Troy adjusts for electric aggregation pricing


TROY — Members of the City of Troy’s electric aggregation will see a new rate on their electric bill in May. While the rate is increasing from the previous year, residents will continue to enjoy a significantly lower rate compared to non-aggregated accounts.

Every three years, Troy competitively bids for electricity supply on behalf of its constituents in order to provide cost-effective supply rates. Currently, Troy’s supplier is Energy Harbor, while AES Ohio (formerly Dayton Power and Light) provides delivery of electricity and maintains poles and wires. Residents and businesses can choose to opt out of the electric aggregation and select their own supplier.

Residences and businesses that are opted into the aggregation program are billed by AES Ohio but receive electricity supplied by Energy Harbor. The City’s current electric aggregation term expires at the end of April, with a new term commencing on May 1, 2023. At the start of the new term, the electric rate will increase to 7.26 cents per kWh. This cost is lower than AES Ohio’s standard rate of 10.9 cents per kWh.

“As prices continue to rise, we will do what we can to ensure our residents have access to the lowest prices possible for their utility costs,” Troy mayor Robin Oda said. “I am pleased to announce that we are able to continue our participation in an electric aggregation group, and to provide Troy city residents with a lower cost per kWh than the increased standard rate.”

The Mayor noted that a similar program for gas will be voted on by residents in May.

To identify your current electric supplier, look at the back of the first page of your AES Ohio bill. You should see the name and logo of your supplier, as well as your current per kWh rate. There is no fee from Energy Harbor to opt-in, but please note that other suppliers may charge a contract termination fee.

For customer service questions or inquiries, or to opt into or out of the City’s electric aggregation program, contact Energy Harbor at 866-636-3749. For questions about Troy’s aggregation plan, contact Mark Wendling, Assistant Director of Public Service and Safety for the City of Troy at 937-339-7639.

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