City of Troy issues maintenance code reminders


TROY — Springtime invites more time outside, whether playing, gardening, walking the neighborhoods, or doing more driving. It also is a busy time for city zoning inspectors, who identify code violations and help residents resolve issues with their homes or yards.

While our two zoning inspectors strive to provide friendly service, most residents would rather avoid a letter or visit from them. Troy’s property maintenance codes are intended to keep properties safe and clean and to protect the property values of city neighborhoods. You can read the city’s Property Maintenance Checklist here. Below are a few common issues to avoid:

-High grass and weeds: If your grass height exceeds 10 inches, you’ll receive a warning letter from the City. If the grass remains over ten inches, the City will cut the grass and the associated costs with a $100.00 administrative fee will be assessed to the land. If you’re planning to be away from home for an extended period of time, or if you’re unable to mow your lawn, be sure to set up lawncare to keep grass at a reasonable height.

-Junk and debris: Trash, junk, and tree limbs are liable to bring complaints from neighbors. In general, you should keep items like grills in the backyard, and keep firewood neatly stacked. If you need a large trash pickup, call our Maintenance Facility at 937-335-1914. The City will also offer a clean-up week from April 10-14, when residents can place extra bags of out for collection in addition to the regular trash can.

-Junk cars: Cars need to be in safe driving condition and have current license plates, whether parked on the street or in the driveway. Cars parked on the street must be moved within 72 hours, and cars parked in the driveway need to be operational and without flat tires. City codes do not permit parking on grass.

-Fences: Fences need to be upright and in good condition. If your fence isn’t standing up straight, it needs repair.

-Home exteriors: Peeling paint, broken windows, missing fascia, and roof issues all need to be addressed. If you’re unable to afford or perform these repairs, our Planning and Zoning Department may be able to direct you to resources to help.

Don’t forget that many improvements, such as fences, new sheds, or pools, need appropriate permitting. For questions about permits or the maintenance code, call the city of Troy’s Planning and Zoning Department at 937-339-9481.

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