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Sherwin-Williams has introduced its 2023 Colormix Forecast: Terra. The collection embraces regeneration, creativity, care, connection, and joy and encompasses curated palettes that are inspired by the natural interweaving of people and their spaces.

“We are on an intentional journey to experience beautiful, living color as we evolve,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Our connection to the Earth, fondest memories, and future hopes are what will influence our global outlook in the months to come.”

The 2023 Colormix Forecast features 40 hues within four curated palettes—Biome, Lore, Nexus, and Origin—and contains rich earth tones, natural clays, sunbaked sands, restful neutrals, and powdery pastels.

Paint and coatings brand Valspar announced its 2023 Colors of the Year with 12 trend-worthy and forward-thinking colors. This year’s collection is all about finding new comfort, embracing a flexible lifestyle, rediscovering joy, and leaning into the growing DIY movement.

In addition, the color experts at Valspar thoughtfully matched each color to a specific facet or emotion of life, all relating to what people may find helpful to complement their space.

“Valspar’s 2023 Colors of the Year are usable shades that encourage self-expression and anyone can envision in their space,” says Sue Kim, Valspar color marketing manager. “With our 12 colors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a color that is picture-perfect for you.”

Check out the complete palette and their descriptions below.

Cozy White – Comfort – A comfortable white with a yellow undertone

Villa Grey – Mindful – A cool grey that is balanced by the warmth of a yellow undertone

Rising Tide – Health – A light blue that has a dose of softness

Gentle Violet – Connection – A white softened by a violet undertone

Holmes Cream – Joy – A classic tan that is dependable with a yellow undertone

Ivory Brown – Natural – A washed brown tone inspired by the shades found in nature

Blue Arrow – Balance – A cooled down blue with a slight yellow undertone

Green Trellis – Calm – A hazy green with duality

Desert Carnation – Inspired – Faded natural terracotta

Southern Road – Contentment – A muted clay with a brown undertone

Flora – Thoughtful – A deep blackened olive

Everglade Deck – Restored – A deep midnight blue

All 12 colors are available at Lowe’s stores,, and independent retailers nationwide.

PPG announced its 2023 Color of the Year, Vining Ivy. Color experts at the company say the “bluish-greenish-something-in-betweenish” hue is as adaptable as its botanical namesake and intertwines bold blue and refined green to create a captivating color symbolic of deep water.

“Consumers are seeking to simplify in this post-COVID era, as the past two years have shed a new light on the importance of serenity and little moments,” says Ashley McCollum, Glidden color expert. “Vining Ivy embodies this vibe perfectly. It is energizing yet grounding, and it works in literally any space.”

The new teal tone can be used to set a calming mood in spaces, as its blue communicates feelings of tranquility while the emerald evokes feelings of balance. When paired together, these two undertones create an ultra-rich color that has us “in our feels” as we cautiously emerge from the pandemic.

In a residential setting, the color can be used for an interior or an exterior. For an interior, the experts see it used on full wall settings for a dramatic yet calming space, or as an accent wall to add personality. It can be dressed up with gold accents and white trim for a more glamorous look.

As an exterior, it adds plenty of curb appeal and personality to the body of a home, or as a front door color to compliment colorful landscaping.

“Those who love this moody hue but are still feeling in-betweenish on how to bring it into their space can treat themselves to the understated elegance of a teal accent wall or serve up a statement by featuring Vining Ivy on their kitchen cabinetry,” adds McCollum. “Even the most modest spaces can benefit from the teal treatment. For those short on square footage but big on style, we recommend using this rich hue as bold contrast to a neutral palette, making a petite room feel plush.”

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