Column was spot on for reader


To the Editor:

I really enjoy reading David Lindeman’s column in the newspaper because he uses finesse and seems to be able to talk to both sides without making people mad. That is something I have never been able to master.

His article about COVID shots was spot on. My polio shot was not a sugar cube, I still carry the scar from mine, but then again I am about 10 years older than Dave. When I was young there were a lot of shots given to try to stop the spread of different diseases going around and people got them to help save other people. While in the service during Vietnam we received a lot of shots that we didn’t have any idea what they were for or doing to us, but it was necessary. Until you get a shot with an air gun, you really haven’t really had a shot. Talk to any veteran and they can tell you about shots.

I believe that Dave is trying to tell people to forget all the garbage that they hear and get their shot to protect the people that you love, like your parents, children and grandchildren.

If you really are this big tough guy you think you are with all your crazy theories, then show us how much you are willing to give to save the life of others and your own loved ones. Isn’t it worth your life to save others, or are you just a talker and conspiracy theorist?

Try using your brain and quit letting other people control your life. Think about it.

— Corby L Enochs Sr.


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