Troy Council to hold public hearing for rezoning issues


TROY — Troy City Council has a long list of rezoning ordinances on its agenda.

Troy City Council will have a public hearing for those rezoning issues at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. at the Bravo Room at Hobart Arena. The ordinances will have their second reading following the public hearing. A third hearing will be held at council’s next official meeting on May 3.

A public hearing will take place at the beginning of the council meeting on the following rezoning ordinances:

•Riverside Drive for 16 properties to be added to the city’s R-4, Single-Family Residential District

• 55.8 acres of farmland on Lytle Road from county agricultural to city zoning of R-5, Single-Family Residential for new home building lots. The lots must be at least 6,000 square feet in size per dwelling. The owner is First Troy Corp.

• 1103 Washington Road (21 acres) from county general agriculture to R-4, Single-Family Residential District with 9,000 square feet lots per dwelling. The owner is Gregory Heilers.

• 2900 McKaig Road (19 acres) from county agricultural district to R-3-B, Single-Family Residential District. The lots must be at least 12,000 square feet per dwelling. The owner is Craig Dubose.

• 2765 McKaig Road from city-administered county zoning to city zoning of R-4 single-family residential district for lots at least 9,000 square feet or more per dwelling. The owner is Linda Rocco.

• 2811 State Route 718 from county general agriculture district to R-4, Single-Family Residential. The owner is Troy City Schools.

• Two Annexed Parcels, located off Troy-Urbana Rd. to R-3-B, Single-Family Residential for lots at least 12,000 square feet per site. The owner is Liberty Lot Sales. The parcels are 83 acres located on Troy-Urbana Road east of the Hunters Ridge subdivision.

• 554 Staunton Road for a Wellhead Operation District. The property is located north of the Miami Shores Golf Course and is used as a driving range.

Council will also review the following resolutions:

•An agreement with Strand Association to design the Madison Street Stormwater lift station repair project. The cost is not to exceed $81,000.

The current lift station has deteriorated and is not functioning at full capacity. Construction of lift station is expected to cost an estimated $570,000 with $545,000 offset by Community Development Building funds.

• A resolution to submit an application for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources NatureWorks grant for a parking lot and locking racks at Broadford bridge.

The grant is for $28,500 for a parking lot and three locking racks for kayakers and other water recreation crafts.

• A resolution to participate in the ODOT winter salt bid is on the agenda. To be included, the city must approve the resolution by April 30 to participate.

The city has 750 tons of salt reserves and is requesting 1,000 tons for purchase.

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