Commissioners award chip seal, fog seal bid


TROY – During their regular meeting Tuesday, Miami County Commissioners authorized eight resolutions including a resolution to award the bid and execute a contract with Ray C. Henley, Inc. for the 2022 Chip Seal Program and Fog Seal Program.

The total bid was $548,458.20, with $358,419 being the Miami County roads portion of the program. The remaining $190,039.20 will be a part of the townships’ individual contracts with the company. The townships previously reimbursed the county for their portion of the program, but this year they will enter into their own contracts with the company and pay their portion directly to the company, according to Miami County Engineer Paul Huelskamp.

Commissioners next authorized the 2022 drug testing service agreement with Redwood Toxicology Laboratories, Inc for the Miami County Municipal Court. This is a new agency, according to a Municipal Court representative, has a more user-friendly portal. The cost of the agreement shall not exceed $40,000, which is similar to the previous agency’s cost agreement.

The next resolution authorized the purchase of two 2022 Ford Escapes for the Department of Development. The total cost of the purchase is $78,518. The resolution also authorizes the trade-in of a 2016 Jeep Patriot with 86,350 miles and a 2018 Ford Escape with 98,800 miles with a trade-in allowance of $21,000 for a new total purchase cost of $57,518.

The Annual Recycling Education Programs for the Miami County Elementary Schools was the next resolution authorized. This is sponsored by the Miami County Solid Waste District. The program is for 16 virtual environmental programs at various Miami County Elementary Schools which is done by The Illusion Maker. The cost of the program is $6,820.

“It’s a great program and I’m really glad we’re continuing it,” said Commissioner Ted Mercer.

The commissioners next authorized the purchase of one Cellebrite enhanced software. The function of the software is to unlock and download information off of cell phones for the detective section. The cost of the software is $10,900. The software is an add-on the current software. According to Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, the software is available for other cities and departments to utilize.

The next resolution was to amend a previous resolution for the Milestone Licensing Renewal for camera servers. The amendment was to reflect an increase in cost of $6,496.24 for a new total of $41,296. The licensing agreement lasts three years.

Another resolution was to amend another previous resolution for the Early Intervention American Plan Act Grant Agreement. The amendment is to the unallowable costs section of the contract which is to delete the “out of state travel” language, according to the resolution.

The final resolution was to re-appoint Jerry Herbe, of Piqua, to the Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services. The term expires Aug. 31, 2025. Herbe previously served on the board, but has been off for the “legally required one-year period,” according to the resolution.

A representative from the board said, “Jerry was previously a member and was a very strong member of our board. He is a good leader and was previously chairman of the board, on the finance committee, the community relations committee. He was a great leader and a great asset.”

The board can hold 18 members, but is currently running with 12 members. For more information about volunteering on the board, please visit

Commissioner Wade Westfall was absent at the meeting.

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