Commissioners hear New Path presentation


By Haylee Pence

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TROY — On Thursday, March 3, the Miami County Commissioners met to authorize 12 resolutions. Following this meeting, the commissioners heard a presentation from William Lutz about New Path.

New Path is a program for Miami County residents who need various assistance. Lutz spoke about two programs that New Path focuses on. One of those programs is the food assistance program through local pantries, Tipp City Choice Food Pantry and the Piqua Food Pantry at The Bistro. Lutz commented that they served 8,200 people, and they are expecting those numbers to rise during 2022 due to “inflation and supply chain issues regardless of income status.” For days and times each pantry is opened, please visit their website at

The other program Lutz spoke about was their Emergency Financial Assistance Program, which has been available since the start of New Path 20 years ago. The program is available to help cover utilities and rent during emergency situations. Lutz stated that many of the local churches “make generous donations.” Last year, 981 county residents utilized this program for a total of $43,000. Lutz commented that they believe the number of residents and cost will double in 2022. He also stated that two-thirds of the utilities assistance is from Piqua residents. Residents are able to utilize this service once a year and a total of four times during their lifetime. The assistance checks are sent directly to the utility company or the landlord.

Lutz thanked the generosity of Miami County residents for helping fund these programs and making donations saying that Miami County residents are “extremely generous.”

Also on Thursday, the first resolution the commissioners approved was to authorize the purchase of three new workstations, conference room furniture, and hallway seating for the Common Pleas Court and Adult Parole Office. The cost of these purchases shall not exceed $31,531.38.

The next resolution was to authorize the purchase of four 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD, 4WD, crew cab, short bed pickup trucks for the Engineer’s Department. The total cost for each truck is $39,254.

Then, the commissioners approved a change in the 2021 Miami County Bridge Package Project with Brumbaugh Construction for an increase in the contract amount to reflect changes for materials which was an increase of $12,587.75 for a total cost of $1,030,200.75.

The next resolution was to award the bid and execute a contract with John R. Jurgensen Company for the Piqua-Troy Road Resurfacing Project. The cost of the project is $721,694.11.

Then, the commissioners authorized the Sanitary Engineering Department to enter into contract negotiations with Access Engineering Solutions LLC for the design and construction of the Casstown Water Extension Project. The project includes adding 6,500 linear feet of 12-inch waterline, 3,400 linear feet of 8-inch waterline, and a water booster station along State Route 55.

The next resolution was to authorize an agreement between Choice One Engineering, WDC Group, and the Miami County Commissioners for the site survey of the Miami County Fairgrounds specifically the Grand Stand. The site survey will include utilities, pavements, and other infrastructure. The cost of this survey shall not exceed $19,500.

Then, the commissioners authorized a Memorandum of Understanding with Miami East Schools to acquire a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO). The deputy will be available 40-hours a week, and “will be specially trained to provide a safe and secure school environment for both faculty and staff […] and will serve as an educational resource and as a liaison between the District and the Sheriff,” according to the resolution. The Miami East Schools will pay for nine months of the officer’s salary for a cost of $83,089.01 for the 2022 year, $85,581.68 for the 2023 year, and $88,074.35 for the 2024 year. This is the same Memorandum of Understanding between several school districts that utilize a School Resource Officer.

The commissioners approved the re-appointment of William Rozell to the Public Defender Commission for a four-year term.

The next resolution was to approve four employee verifications, all for the Department of Job and Family Services, which include the following:

• Vicki Freeman – full-time Child Welfare case aide at $14.00/hr

• Danika Embree – full-time Child Welfare caseworker 1 at $17.96/hr

• Marie Stansbery – full-time Eligibility Referral specialist at $15.52/hr

• Morgan Clark – full-time legal specialist at $13.39/hr

Then, the commissioners approved the usage of credit card expenditures for the second quarter of 2022 for the Commissioner’s Office for work related expenses.

The next resolution was to approve the title change of Sarah Baker from Transit Manager to Transit Director to reflect the job description.

The final resolution was to enter an annexation petition upon the journal. The annexation petition was filed by Raymond and Kriss Haren, Gary Lavy, and Barton Gessaman for the annexation of a portion of Bethel Township to the city of Huber Heights. The portion being annexed is 260.369 acres. The commissioners approved the annexation petition to be entered upon the journal.

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