County Commissioners approve purchases


TROY – The Miami County Commissioners approved the purchase and installment of two new aluminum entry doors and framed for the department of job and family services for a cost of $7,945.

The new doors were requested in order to “improve security and restrict access to the main entrance of the building,” according to the resolution.

Contracts between the department of job and family services and three organizations were approved for services with child placement. Two of the contracts are budgeted at $500,000 and the last is budgeted at $50,000.

The commissioners awarded the Owens Road Bridge replacement project to Brumbaugh Construction, Inc. with a cost associated of $621,692.

The HVAC Renovation project was approved for two change orders for two additional increases of $5,468. The total contract sum is unchanged as a contingency allowance of $40,000 was in place. Therefore, the contingency allowance was decreased with a remaining amount of $31,772.

Probate Court was approved to purchase five work station cubicles with protective barriers and one hospitality storage cabinet for a cost of $40,307.33. According to a representative from Probate Court, the new cubicles will allow them to comply with CDC recommendations.

They also authorized the construction of driveway approaches on South Rangeline Road in West Milton. The cost of the construction shall not exceed $9,200 and “the costs to construct new driveway approach […] shall be levied against the owner(s) of the abutting property,” according to the resolution.

The mileage certification for Miami County was approved for a decrease of 2.403 miles due to annexations throughout the 2022 year.

Finally, Jim Lyons, of Springfield, was appointed as the Miami County apiarist for 2023. The cost of the appointment shall not exceed $5,250. Lyons evaluates bee hives throughout Miami County to ensure healthy hives.

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