Covington High School Honor Roll, Principal’s List


COVINGTON — Covington High School released its second quarter Honor Roll and Principal’s List.

Freshman who earned their spot on the Principal’s List are: Brock Gessner, Brodie Manson, Owen Leistner, Caleigh Gilpin, Dakohta Kenworthy, Whitney Burns, Addison Ventura, Jackson Witt and Timothy Taubert.

Students in the freshman class who made the second quarter Honor Roll are: Danicka Finfrock, Caleb Smith, Taylor Foutz, William Hand, Clay Harris, Isabelle Welch, Jayda McClure, Jayden Wackler, Delaney Murphy, Lilian Mumford, Karissa King, Caleb Ryman, James MacDonald, Lucy Durbin and Cailyn Wagner.

Sophomore students who earned all A’s, putting them on the second quarter Principal’s List are: Jennifer Fisher, Gabrielle Hartwig, Maggie Anderson, Preston King, Elyza Long, Sophia Shaffer, Marin DuBois and Rowan Isaacs.

Honor Roll students in the sophomore class include: Jason McIntire, Layla Brown, Tanner Palsgrove, Brogen Angle, Taylor Kirker, Bailey Lucas, Mazelle Reck, Makayla Vanderhorst, Ashton Skaggs, Jesse Harrison, Christopher Deaton, Caris Geeding and Shayden Sullenberger.

Juniors on the Principal’s List for the second quarter are: Drew Gessner, Connor Humphrey, Asher Long, Chase Vanderhorst, Ella White, Kamryn Barnes, Cameron Haines, Kearsten Wiggins, Audrey Tobe and Megan Rose. UVCC juniors are: Trey Schmelzer, Karyanne Turner, Michael Hagan, Carter Owens, Whitney Welch, Kara Stephan, Bryanna Kenworthy and Lily Zwiebel.

Honor Roll students from the junior class are: Gunner Kimmel, Marena Kimmel, Britton, Miller, Gianna Mohler, Austin Monnin, Monica Ostendorf, Sydney Richard, Bryson Hite, Gracie Anderson, Braydon Pergram, Paxten Wion-Shook, Elaina Deeter, Grant Blore, Derrick Meyer and Carson Taylor. UVCC students on the Honor Roll are: Jacob Tipps, Brianna Baker, Kila Stephan , Garrett Hobbs, Jericho Quinter, Caralyn Boyer, Amie Burtrum and Bethany Dooley.

Students from the senior class on the Principal’s List are: Estella Remley, Lauren York, Emma Wilson, Nigella Reck, Elizabeth Shaffer, Lauren King, Emma Naff, Madison Supinger and Eve Welborn. UVCC seniors on the Principal’s List include: Brian Morrison, Corey Marion, Shelby Petry, William Ray and Audrey Pickering.

Seniors on the Honor Roll list include: Emma Elson, Brenden McDonough, Ryan Rohr, Meadow Byers, Jenna Belmaggio, Ethan Gerling, Hayden Barhorst, Reaghan Lemp, William Collins and Meg Rogers. UVCC seniors on the Honor Roll: Cameron Ha, Charles Morrison, Erika Gostomsky, Ryan Remley, Bryce Staudt, Haley Hargrave, Corey Turner and Lillian Hughes.

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